Thomasz is shit

Rusty screws in my new fence





All Spermy

Bacon Medallions-Leaking Sperm

The Gunge

Bacon Medallions-the Gungy Residue



Almond Milk, Not!

Craig's 'Glyph

Craig’s ‘Glyph

Opened Buttie-Box

Opened Buttie-Box

Contents of TL Buttie-Box

Contents of TL Buttie-Box

Kendrew Barracks

How do you know when you’re on an Army base?

Kendrew Barracks

How do you know when you’re on an Army base?

Ferdi's Post-It

Ferdi’s Post-It

Me being bullied

Ferdi took a call from the Medical Centre

Ferdi’s Post-Its

Map of Red Light District - Amsterdam-OriginalMac’s Map of Red-Light District of Amsterdam

Outrageous Beer Bill

25.50 Euros for three beers – painful!

Withers - presentation1

Withers PresentationWithers Presentation2  Withers Presentation3Wither’s Posters

Drake-Assignment OrderOn my way

Even i look smallLARC-LX

At last, a vehicle that makes me look slim.

Belgium Number PlateBelgique Number Plate

Number plate showing the lighter side of Belgium.

Awesome cup of coffeeBelgique Coffee

The most awesome cup of coffee since i have been here.

A Modern German Soldier at AfsluitdijkGerman Army Soldier

96 hr protection96 Hour Antiperspirant

Why would you have a deodorant for 96 hours?  I can just envisage the marketing meeting when they had to sell this one.  And the thing is I can’t make jokes about smelly Europeans, because this one was in England – but it was King’s Lynn!

Latvian War MemorialLatvian War Memorial

Transformed in to a slideThat’s also a children’s slide

Old Soviet Bunker - Latvia-1Old Soviet Missile Bunker

Urinal - GermanyBelgian Urinal

Had fun trying to piss a the ball back and forth.

French Bar - RigaFrench Bar

Cool French Bar in Riga.

NATO Toilet InstructionsToilet Sign

People in NATO really did put the toilet rolls down the bog – god help us if we have to go to war!

NATO Toilet Instructions 2Toilet Brush Instructions

After mocking the rest of NATO, this is the sign we have to have in the British Barrack Block bogs.


If you have seen Band of Brothers – this is the village of Foy.  Just above the red car is the window the German sniper fired from.

Eben-Emael 4Eben-Emael

Just one of the many tunnels that honeycomb EE.

Eben-Emael 1Eben-Emael

Firing Port at EE.

Mardasson MemorialMardasson War Memorial

Memorial by the Belgians to all the Americans who died at the Battle of the Bulge.

Margraten War CemeteryMargraten American War Cemetery

Dragons Teeth - Aachen 2Dragons Teeth

Anti-Tank traps of the West Wall, or the Siegfried Line as the Brits and Yanks called it just outside Aachen.

hoensbroek Castle 20121212Hoensbroek Castle

Sgts’ Mess Christmas Ball 2012


Child eating ice-cream (PIA – Pain in the Ass)

Best Beef Curry EverMum’s African Beef Curry

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